• 09.09.2019
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RUAG Terminates Ammotec Division

RUAG GREEN to focus entirely on humanitarian products

Under the new leadership of Board Chairman Monica Duca Widmer, RUAG—Switzerland’s state-owned defence contractor—will cease the manufacture of ammunition worldwide beginning October 1st, and will begin a process of retooling factories to make products and services that meet strict ethical and environmental standards approved by the Swiss public.

“In today’s unstable world, weapons and ammunition production has become too much of an existential risk for RUAG’s reputation,” said Urs Breitmeier, CEO of RUAG International. “The repositioning is an opportunity for our company to play a major leading role in the ecologically-focused restructuring of the Swiss economy, and become a company that helps instead of harms.” Additionally, RUAG MRO, the conglomerate’s aviation and defence division, will refit their aircraft with firefighting capacity to tackle the burning Amazon.

The project to bring RUAG into compliance with public standards of global conduct is being called RUAG GREEN. The Ammotec division of RUAG will close October 1st, and all other RUAG companies will undergo content audits to determine whether their products meet the new ethical and environmental standards that are being established.

“There is no reason for RUAG to fuel global conflict while the world burns,” said Duca Widmer. “The RUAG GREEN mandate will transform us into a company that puts all of its energy and resources into a last-ditch effort at long-term prosperity.”

Anwir Acheros
External Communications Director at RUAG GREEN
Phone: +41 (0) 76 473 43 10
Email: Anwir.Acheros@ruag.green

Although RUAG is discontinuing ammunition for export, the company remains committed to the Swiss tradition of Sport Shooting as a matter of national identity and pride. That is why today, on Zurich’s Knabenschiessen (boy shooting day), RUAG is proud to announce that despite the closure of AMMOTEC, a limited supply of RWS®, Rottweil®, GECO®, and Norma® rounds will continue to be produced exclusively for competition, and will be made available in the future to Swiss citizens exclusively via an enhanced permitting process.